Foojohn: Jazz Club I enthrall

Radtai Lokutarapol
3 min readDec 7, 2022

Foojohn Jazz Club is where I was exposed to Lambrusco, an Italian sparkling wine. It is robust, sweet, sour, and bitter — it got everything like a complex feeling in Jazz music. On the stage, Damon Brown played his trumpet, “Chet Baker’s That Old Feeling.

Red was not merely in a glass of wine but in the ceiling, and walls, especially in the washroom. Red as passion and pain, Red as having fun over visceral internal emotions is very Jazz. A taste on the tongue, scene eyes see, and the music in the air all compliments each other.

If you ever queue up for an entrance to Jazz Club in Soho, London. You would learn that it’s not easy to find good jazz there. It is hard. It’s like searching “Jazz” or “Jazz Music” on Youtube. What pops up first would be “Buble” and “Norah” or “Ella” and “Louis” or “Sinatra.”

It would take time until the algorithm presents “Chet Baker” to you. And “That Old Feeling” — the old feeling, the right texture we are after. And the feeling I am after from Jazz Music, I discern at Foojohn, where the place, music, and all elements make me feel.

It is here where I heard “Nat King Cole’s Monalisa” live for the first time. It was not sung by Nat, indeed. It was sung by Prince Von Hudson, my favorite singer at the club. Jazz exposes me to complex feelings under the surface. I listen, sip, and feel.

Wearing a knitting polo, rugby polo, or good shirt like Mile Davis in Photography is my ideal artistic gear to sip Clover Club and other cocktails created by Jerome, the bartender. I never have to care about the drink’s taste. Like many, I find it hard to differentiate between good cocktails. Though, I know immediately when it’s not good. Thanks to Jerome, I never have to worry about too much grain of salt in a martini’s glass.

On the stage, the drum is always occupied by Mr. Sticks, a french drummer. “Viva La Jazz” “C’Est La Vie” — That’s what I think. It is best when somebody sings “La Vie En Rose.” Nothing can fulfill me as the dark drink up the night than Jazz at this Jazz club.

All of this is why I enthrall.



Radtai Lokutarapol

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